// Bringing human-level language AI to everyday life, one developer at a time.

AI is doing incredible things. Yet it demands major resources, talent, and data, keeping AI out of reach for most companies and individuals.

We have a different vision.

// We believe that language AI should be an integral part of everyday life. The best way to realize this vision is to empower developers with use case-ready language capabilities.

Building language AI capabilities for products during the past two decades, we realized that the technology has reached the point where it should be available as a service.

One AI is an API-first Language AI service built for developers - no background in AI/NLP required. Our product-ready APIs, no-code Language Studio, and vertically pre-trained models, allows every developer to deliver immediate value with zero risk.

Join our quest to make human-level language AI part of everyday life through next-gen generalization-focused language research.