// At One AI, our mission is to bring human-level language AI to everyday life. We believe that the integration of generative AI technology into products and services will change the way humans interact with machines.

Building language AI capabilities for products during the past decades, we realized that the technology has reached the point where it should be available as a service. We curate and fine-tune the world's top AI capabilities and package them as APIs, empowering businesses to deploy tailored AI solutions in days. 

Optimized for Business

// Generative AI is transforming industries at a rapid pace, leaving businesses with the choice to either adapt or fall behind. One AI’s platform accelerates the success of businesses in their AI journey, from exploration to integration to operation. In addition to our generative AI capabilities, we allow conversion of everyday language into structured, actionable data, providing seamless integration into products and services.

Our solutions are designed to ensure consistent, and predictable output. To assure factual accuracy and prevent biased or harmful content, we focus on transparency, explainability, and alignment with the source documents. We optimize both the tuning process and long-term performance in terms of cost, speed, and carbon footprint. Our platform is multilingual, and supports text, audio, and video inputs.

Developer Ready

// At One AI, we understand the challenges businesses face when trying to integrate AI technology. That's why we make it easy for developers to access the technology and make it work seamlessly for their business. Our API provides structured, machine-readable output and allows for seamless integration into products. With stackable and composable skills, developers can focus on realizing the benefits of AI, rather than becoming bogged down in the technical details.

Join our quest to make human-level language AI part of everyday life through next-gen generalization-focused language research.