Service Insights

Analyze emails & tickets, and transform your customer interactions

The Service Insights Skill can understand the context of complaints, requests, queries, and more, allowing you to quickly and accurately identify the urgency and sentiment of each message. You can easily categorize customer messages and prioritize your responses accordingly. The Skill also helps identify potential risks and cancellation requests, giving you the opportunity to retain customers and ensure a positive transaction experience.




Get service insights by performing a POST request to the following URL: { "input": "your input text here", "steps": [{ "skill": "service-insights" }] }


Returns a list of insights extracted from the input

Supported Labels

  • REQUEST- customer is asking the recipient to make an action, e.g. "I need to book extra seats please"
  • QUERY- customer is asking for information, e.g. "When does the current sale end?"
  • COMPLAINT- when there’s a discrepancy between what the customer wanted and what he got, e.g. "The website said the package was delivered, but i never got it"
  • URGENCY- customer is expressing urgency, e.g. "PLEASE RESPOND IMMEDIATELY"
  • RISK- when there's a detected risk to lose the customer, e.g. "I'd like to cancel my order"
  • INTRO- email intro, e.g. "Hello, hope you had a nice weekend"
  • OUTRO- email outro, e.g. "Best wishes, thanks, Jane"