Co-Founder & CEO
Amit’s passion for language technologies started at age 5, coding on an XT machine. Since then he’s been on a mission to make human-level language AI accessible to all.He co-founded NanoRep, sold it to LogMeIn (LOGM), and led its AI lab, developing the tech that power products such as GoToMeeting and LastPass. When Francisco Partners acquired LogMeIn it was time to hit the entrepreneurial road again and continue to fulfill his mission, this time with One AI.
Co-Founder & COO
Aviv met Amit in computer class at age 5. While focused on his social activism as a teenager, Aviv began studying for his BSC in Computer Science at age 15. But Aviv’s true passion lies in excel tables,budgets and contracts, and while co-founding NanoRep he scaled operations, bringing NLP-based chatbots to top brands who chose NanoRep’s offering over IBM Watson and Google. After the NanoRep acquisition, Aviv led WalkMe’s (WKME) desktop product from concept to global sales, with numerous Fortune 500 companies as clients.
Co-Founder & CSO
Asi’s life quest is to understand the interaction between the mind and reality. He started reading Hume, Descartes and Locke in elementary school, and shortly after added Turing’s work to his readings,feeding his passion for developing novel approaches that mimic human cognitive systems in linguistics, generalization, and multi-domain learning. Asi’s years in the academy and industry, working with both enterprises such as IBM and LogMeIn and numerous startups, helped formulate OneAI’s vision – to build human inspired AI for everyone.
Co-Founder & CMO
Born in Nazareth, studied in Jerusalem, forged in TLV & NYC. A self-starter at heart, Yochai’s creativity has led him to explore new ideas in uncharted territories,developing unique solutions in both the business world and outside of it. Yochai has filled executive positions in companies such as Kasamba, LivePerson, Conduit, and WeWork. He continues to partner with organizations such as NanoRep (acquired by LOGM), Anodot, Dendro Neurotech, Healthy.io and the Computational Neuropsychiatry Lab at HUJI, creating impactful marketing and growth strategies.